Rizaleño Discount

Rizaleño’s are entitled 10% discount from the total of their entrance fee. You just have to present any valid ID with an updated address to serve as proof of your residency in Rizal.

Birthday Treat

*Birthday Promo*

To avail the birthday promo, simply follow the steps below:

1. Celebrant/s should be a member of Loreland Farm Resort’s Official Fanpage (

2. Click the link below and fill up the needed details

3. Present any proof of birth date e.g. driver’s license, a copy of birth certificate, or any valid ID with birth date upon payment to the cashier.

4. Only ONE ENTRY per birthday celebrant. Maximum of 2 celebrants per transaction/reservation.

5. One discount (entrance and accommodation) at a time/per transaction. Not valid in conjunction with other promos / discounts.